Hi I’m Ed, from Cincinnati, OH. I pretty much started out going to the University of Cincinnati in 2009 for Software Engineering, but never finished. I had a lot of fun though, especially in my IT courses and continued to learn even when I left school in 2013. During that time I tried learning web development, networking, and cybersecurity before eventually settling on android development since I had gotten pretty decent at java from my college days.
Fast forward about a year and a half and I won a hackathon building an android app which led to my first job full-time job as an android developer in 2017. I joined a startup as their only android developer and was tasked to build an app from scratch similar to the current iOS version. I did this successfully before switching to my current position of backend developer.
I still have a really deep interest in cybersecurity though, mostly pentesting and exploit development, and I plan on using this blog to share my notes, news, and anything resources I come across along the way. Feel free to contact me through social media or email.